Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wake up only to find that you are still snoring

On May 4th my husband and I celebrated 13 years of marriage.  Pretty amazing he has stuck by my side all these years.  So thankful to have his steady, unwavering support.  He has only used kind and uplifting words when describing me.  My dear husband recently declared to me that I should try breathe right strips.  He said I have started snoring, again.  Or perhaps it is that I never stopped snoring and only now is he noticing it after all this time.  

There were times over the years that loving people with good intentions would comment on this "problem" that I had- college roommates, people I shared a room with during retreats, a family member who will remain nameless that chose to sleep on a sofa (while pregnant) just to get away from the offending snorer.  I never really viewed it as my problem seeing as I was sleeping through it just fine!  There never seemed to be anything that I should be doing to correct it.  

When Andy and I were first married he mentioned my snoring in passing a few times but that was it.  He is a very sound sleeper.  I assumed this "problem" had managed to resolve itself.  In light of this new revelation that Andy is hearing me snoring again for whatever reason, I may just have to give those strips a try.  It's a marriage after all.  After 13 years I still struggle with wanting to take more than I give.  It's a small thing, but it's a choice that I can make to show my husband that I value him and his advice.   

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