Tuesday, May 26, 2009

$40,000 should cover it

Anyone, anyone, $40,000 to spare
The house across town is up for sale.
Covet, Lord, I can't pretend not to
though I'd have to give up my dream of a basement-
at least the kind that has no spiders
dropping their spun webs down from the beams surrounding your head
threatening to choke you as you power along your treadmill walk... 

There is a dining room with space big enough
to feed those who just might wander in,
stairs that lead to rooms where you can stand up tall,
gathering spots that give you room to breathe-

did I mention the kitchen?  
It's open and airy
and I'm certain something that resembles a dishwasher 
(that isn't named Andy, Caleb, Lily or Moriah).

With each passing day as the kids grow a head taller
I have to reign in my frustrations of how smaller
our house appears with each minute and hour.
The master bedroom that can't be off limits 
as it leads to the attic which houses our son
along with boxes of stuff I can't seem to part with.

7 years ago this house seemed so perfect,
now awaiting a miracle to beam me up out of here!
Venting, yes I am venting before I implode, 
before the memories assault me and my willpower gives out
and stuck here forever we will be,
in our tiny little house
filled to the brim with love-
though peering inside you will see a wife, who is also a mother
brewing over what might have been
with your simple investment of $40,000. 

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