Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If anyone finds my mind, please return with upgraded version installed.

My day so far... only as it can happen to me.  I left to go the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.  I just went last month but I get my final pic's taken at my orthodontist tomorrow and I've been taking vitamin filled shakes that have chosen to stain every little nook and cranny they could find- hence the much needed cleaning.  I got to the dentist early (which I was quite proud of) and even made sure to point that out to the receptionist as she looked at me quite quizzicly.  She said "I believe we scheduled you for next Tuesday".  My ego quickly deflated as I realized instead of being 10 minutes early I was a week and 10 minutes early.  Yes, I do remember now on the answering machine it was a March date that was given.  Thankfully they had someone cancel so in I went for some scraping action.  40 minutes later after many assurances to the very nice hygienist that I was OK and having to pull out the "big guns" (think super soaker loaded with baking soda and you get the idea) my teeth were better than new.  My face was feeling quite worked upon too after being spackled with super soaker residue. 

Last stop before home, the girls and I head into Target for cashews.  Not just any cashews but the only ones that I can find roasted without added oils.  Just sea salt.  My son who would not touch a nut 4 weeks ago has fallen in love with sea salt roasted cashews.  On the way of course we get side tracked looking at pretty dresses and clearance tights.  Armed with new dresses and tights we head to the cashews.  On sale even!  My face all of a sudden doesn't feel so tight anymore from the dried on baking soda.  Off to pay and get home before Caleb realizes that we aren't there when I said we would be.  Reach the check out only to discover that Lily's tights are missing.  "I think I left them at the cashew aisle".  That's only a walk back through the dress section and cards and videos and then past electronics- there's the aisle and yes the tights right on the floor.  Hurray.  Off to pay, again.  Now there is a line, and we are waiting.  Which gives me time to get out my wallet which I realize isn't with me, it's in the car.  Nice fellow lets us leave our stuff in a pile while we run out to the car to retrieve wallet.

Return home to find that since we are 30 minutes late, Caleb has called his Dad and stressed his concern.  He then rushes over to me and gives me a sincere warm hug.  If being 30 minutes late gives me that kind of welcome I may have to be late again...  

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  1. Great job, Trish! Love the pictures, too.

    Dad & Mom